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Rekindling an interest in gardening despite the ' beasts'

One of my most delightful clients from 2021, Ira, shared his experience with BDB from last year. We did a custom design for his front entry garden. Here is what he said:

To Whom It May Concern: I gave up gardening because of the wooded area I live in. My garden became a buffet for deer despite my efforts to thwart them with various products and gimmicks.After many years, I consulted with beautydespitethebeast. The plants that were recommended were not only deer resistant they were also perfect for my growing zone 6a. Beautydespitethebeast not only suggested perfect plants but also assured that I would have different plants blooming all of the growing season with minimal maintenance. The recommendations were also cost effective. Today my garden is the envy of the neighborhood. I can’t thank beautydespitethebeast for rejuvenating my love of gardening. Highly recommended. Sincerely, Ira

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