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 Just as you are wondering when spring will end and summer begin, this lustrous garden comes into bloom providing you with lavish cut flowers every year. Filled with long lived and showy plants, some fragrant, all have been selected for maximum deer resistance to make this garden as nearly invincible to deer appetites as possible.  The flowering sequence orchestrates rosy pinks, red and blue violets, with striking white vertical accents and contrasting gray-green foliage plants. Handsome mounds of satiny foliage remain throughout the summer season. A few prolific perennial rebloomers will continuously add splashes of color after the first emphatic late spring act so that this little plot remains full of interest.




  • Area:   74 sq. ft.   

    Aspect: Sun    

    Hardiness Zones 4 -9

    Approximate cost of plants $280.00 (not including shipping)  

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