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I would like to tell you a bit more about myself. 


There I am, working hard, in the photo on projects like Beauty Despite the Beast and climate related ones which is my other passionate direction. I currently co-teach at Harvard University design studios and seminars built around the topic of climate change and how to reverse and repair it through the built environment. 

I am educated in landscape architecture  at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and landscape urbanism at the Architectural Association of London, UK. After studying in London, I worked for Martha Schwartz Partners, one of the leading female landscape architectural firms in the world. We worked on public realm projects in China, the Middle East and Europe creating imaginative,artistic and life-enhancing outdoor urban spaces for people to enjoy. I was their planting expert and have experience with world-wide plant palettes that span many different climates.

Prior to going to London, I had my own successful design firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I am a licensed Landscape Architect. My work was praised in many national publications and won several awards. I created many beautiful gardens for my clients and I loved being able to influence their surroundings at an intimate scale.

I also studied painting before going into landscape architecture so I am a highly visual person and respond to color strongly.  This is one reason I am so drawn to working with perennial gardens because of the ability to make color compositions that move through time.

Since coming back from London, I am approaching the residential scale again, through Beauty Despite the Beast.  I hope to reach many more people who might not ever hire a Landscape Architect but could profit from such a designed approach.  I hope to enable suburban and rural residential dwellers to enrich the experience of their surroundings with the natural beauty of gardens that withstand the inclinations and appetites of the deer.

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