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A lot can be accomplished in a narrow strip as evidenced by this elegant and simple combination of plants that combine together to form a cohesive whole. Gray-green and lustrous green foliage of the plants creates a backdrop for the deep blue and red-violet blooms that are intensified by citrus yellow accents which come into play at different times during the summer season.  Plants are compact, with mounding habit primarily, thus, related by form but varying in texture to impart a thematic scuptural quality that is sure to make a strong statement along a walkway.  Stagger and repeat this design, or use it in combination with other garden layouts to extend the front border.  Long season bloomers that maintain a robust configuration and possess prolific flowering character have been chosen for this distinctive garden design.


  • Area:  90 square feet

    Aspect: Sun

    Hardiness Zones: 5 - 9

    Approximate cost of plants: $295.00 (not including shipping)

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