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This garden was inspired by Vita Sackville West's sophisticated white garden at Sissinghurst, England.  On a calm and moonlit night, the garden will possess a magical glow from the silvery moonbeams which will alight upon its petals.  In addition to a variety of white, off-white and creamy white blossoms; tiny accents of color animate the scheme.  Foundational to the garden are the green and gray-green foliage of the flowering plants which provide textural contrasts and a rich backdrop to the carefully composed white display that begins in the spring with peonies and lasts into the fall with the graceful Japanese anemones.  This garden would be excellent as a focal point at the edge of a terrace, or, locate it in a prime viewing spot at the front of the residence.  It will grace your surroundings especially if placed within the surrounding of existing lawn and trees.


  • Area: 120 square feet

    Aspect: Full sun

    Hardiness zones: 4 - 8

    Approximate cost of plants:  $360.00 (not including shipping)

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